Making Money through Photography

Photography can be more than a hobby. You can also make money off of it if your photos are of professional quality. Being a Houston wedding photographer will allow you to build a client base with referrals from your clients, and guests on weddings that you have covered will be able to see your work and if they like what they see, they may just hire your for future projects. There are several ways that you can earn money from your photos.
Making Money through Photography

  • Start within your circle. Your first clients would be your friends and family. You can charge a minimal fee just so you can advertise your wares. If there is any occasion or event that your friends and family will hold, you can volunteer your services. You can even do the event for free, if it means exposure to potential clients that will attend the event that you will cover.
  • Advertise in social networking sites. Social networking sites are the hottest things nowadays. Not only are they used to socialize with other people, they also serve as a platform for entrepreneurs and businesses to advertise their products and services. Sign up for a page of your photography services in every social networking site and get your business out there. If you are a New York City newborn photographer, you can target families with your services. Ask friends to like and share your page so that their friends can also learn of your page.
  • Sell your photos in stock websites. Stock websites is where you can post your photos and interested buyers will buy them. There are several stock websites where you can put your photos up for sale and wait for them to be bought.
  • Sell prints of your photos to a gallery. If you have gallery-quality photos, you can print, enlarge and frame them to be displayed in a gallery, where art enthusiasts frequent in search of art pieces to be displayed in their homes or offices.
  • Work in a photography studio. If you are finding it hard to make money as a freelancer, you can always work for a photography studio and earn a steady income. Not only will you get to practice your artistic profession, you get to have a steady influx of cash from your employment.
  • Offer photography classes and tutorials. It is always nice to share whatever knowledge you have gained. Offer short courses on the basics of photography for novices and advanced courses for professional photographers like you.

Hone and enhance your craft so that your photos look better each passing day. You cannot stop learning about photography as there are so many new techniques that you can learn and apply in your craft. Keep taking random pictures because the most random ones are usually the best. Focus on one specialty and as your progress you can branch out on other specializations so that you gain more clients. Once you have gained a following, it will be easier to land clients to cover. Be visible in social events to advertise your services.

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Take Great Wedding Shots Without Blocking the Photographer

Most of us have already been to a lot of weddings to watch our friends and loved ones get married. If you are a good observer, you might have seen the barrage of cameras being taken out by other guests. You might even be one of them. Have you noticed how annoying other guests could be when you cannot take a good shot of the couple? You can just imagine how a Raleigh NC wedding photographer feels. Cameras are typically allowed in weddings and there are ways where you can take great shots without blocking the lens of the photographer.

Be a Well-Behaved Guest

Digital cameras have become extremely affordable nowadays. It is already expected that each of them has a camera on hand. They will take as many photos as they can just to preserve the memories. Some guests without cameras would use their high-resolution smartphone cameras, instead.

However, we all know that professional wedding photographers Toronto are there to take shots for the couple. They are paid for their skills and equipment that guests with cameras do not have. Blocking their way not only annoys them, but you are giving the couple the biggest regret of their lives. If you really must take photos, you can still do so with respect to the photographer.

Take Great Wedding Shots Without Blocking the Photographer

Take Photos While Seated

The best you can do is to stay at your seat during the ceremony and let the wedding vendors move around. Taking photos is possible while seated with the use of zoom lens or your camera’s optical zoom. This will help you take closer shots of the couple without distracting the wedding vendors, other guests and the couple themselves. You have to accept the fact that you are not the official photographer and your shooting points are limited. You can still take great shots by getting creative with focal points, camera settings and the right angles.

Observe and Take Photos with the Couple when Appropriate

A big no-no when taking photos as a guest is pulling aside the groom or bride while the photographer is in action. You have to give way to the photographer and take high-quality photos. You must also refrain from taking their photos while a photo session is happening. The couple will get distracted and tend to look in your direction. You can take photos with them once the photographer is done.

If you want to have a copy of the wedding photos, you can request them from the bride and groom after the event. Remember that these photos still need post – event editing and could take weeks or months before they are sent to the couple. Your purpose as a guest in a wedding is to witness the unity of two people in marriage. Your camera is not an official part of the event, but be thankful if the couple allows it. Some soon-to-be-wed couples instruct guests to keep their smartphones and cameras hidden as the ceremony unfolds. They do this to protect the photographer from getting distracted. Besides, you would not your own wedding photos to come out horrible because of uncooperative guests. Simply enjoy the event and bond with the other guests.

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Things to Consider Before a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

These days, wedding photographers are not just hired to take photos on the actual wedding. A lot of photographers now offer a package deal where they get to capture photos not just on the wedding, but for pre-wedding pictorials as well. Good photographers such as Houston Wedding Photographers will help you achieve one of kind pre- wedding photos.

Things to Consider Before a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

There are a lot of reasons why couples go through a pre-wedding pictorial. There are those who wanted to maximize the use of the pictures for invitations, wedding videos, and wedding souvenirs. There are also those who wanted to be more comfortable when facing the camera. They want to feel less awkward on the wedding day when they have already practised taking photos with the photographer. There are also those who want to know how they would look like if glammed up. This means that on the pre-wedding photos, they are dressed up in full wedding attire and complete styling from head to toe.

Before starting the photo shoot, it is important to first come up with a concept. You need to know how you are going to come up with a very romantic theme for the photos. You also need to know what kind of theme will stay true to your personality and interests. After the theme has been chosen, you can now move on to determining the right venue for the pictorial. You need to ensure that the place is just perfect. The background helps a lot to capture more emotions and let the picture tell a story.

For pre-wedding photos, nature as background is very common. There are also those who wanted a more authentic experience. They go back to important places in their lives as couples as take pictures. Some others wanted to create different backgrounds without necessarily going to place. This is where the use of creative backdrop enters the picture.

The outfit is also very important. You need to decide whether you are going for a full wedding outfit or you will choose something else. Casual wear and cocktail dresses are popular for this kind of photo shoot. Some others want to wear ordinary clothes to make it look more authentic.

When it comes to the poses, the most important thing to remember is that the more natural the movements are, the more beautiful the photos become. This is why you need to stay true to your emotions throughout the shoot. Don’t be afraid to show your emotions to your partner. Just think that the camera is not around.

There are a lot of details that should be looked into when it comes to pre-wedding photos. The most important thing to remember is that this is just a practice for the big day. If you feel disappointed with your pre-wedding photos, it is fine. You can still look great on the actual wedding since you have already practiced your look. You can take a look at Orange County Wedding Photography to see how a beautiful pre- wedding photo looks like.

Things to Consider Before a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

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Wedding Photographers: Should You Go for Pros or Not?

When it comes to wedding photographers, you have so many choices. You can either go for a professional wedding photographer such as Denver Boudoir Photographer or you can just go for ordinary photographers who simply own a digital camera. It can either be your relatives or friends. Obviously, when you are hiring professional photographers, this spells more expenses. Yet, you will see quality results. On the other hand, your friends might even offer their services for free, but there is no guarantee of a good result. In between these 2 options, which one should you go for?

Wedding Photographers: Should You Go for Pros or Not?

You might go back and forth between these two options, but at the end of the day, you should stick with a professional wedding photographer. You only get married once and you don’t want to blow up the chance of making everything perfect. You have spent a lot of time digging into the details of the wedding. You can’t afford not being able to capture them in the camera.

You also need to realize that professional photographers don’t necessarily have to be expensive. You will be surprised that some of them have very affordable services. You just don’t know about it since you have not really gone deeper in your research. You have also not tried out options that are online. When you compute for the prices of professional photographer packages compared with those who are not experts in this field, the difference is not that much. Besides, professional photographers will prepare everything that is necessary to take goods photos. They also have high end cameras and other accessories. They also know what to bring to the actual wedding to create a more dramatic set of photos.

The only issue that you will face is that a lot of people present themselves as professional photographers when in reality they are not. You have to be very careful in dealing with them as you might end up with the wrong choice. You pay more for services that are equivalent to that of newbies. Take some time to compare and contrast options. You can also read reviews especially by those who have hired wedding photographer services.

When you have found the right person to do the job, all you have to do is to come up with beautiful photos. You just need to smile, relax, practice your poses and you are good to go. You can also take some time to prepare with your photographer via a pre- wedding photo shoot. You can also invite the rest of your entourage to join the photo shoot so they will look great as well. With this photo shoot, you will know more your angles and you will be able to adjust with the lighting, makeup and other details.

Once the wedding is over and it is just time to take a look at the photos, you will definitely be amazed with the results. When you hired good photographers from Raleigh Wedding Photography, you won’t stop looking at the pictures.


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Creating likes on Instagram

The whole point of Instagram is photos. You describe your photos, use hashtags, popularize them but the picture in itself is the real purpose. And for that very reason it is important to create photos that are great in your stream. Fortunately, Instagram gives plenty of tools that ensure stunning images every single time.

Purpose for which an individual may use Instagram can vary significantly. Some of them use Instagram for business, for instance, to sell products that translate well into photos. Others do it just for the plain love of photography. To show their art! And most of them use it to connect to others via pictures, which is indeed a beautiful way to connect and socialize. Whatever the reason may be, one thing that’s common to Instagram users is the need to create amazing imagery since great photos equal more engagement.

Taking good photos on your smartphone is pretty easy and if you’re savvy enough you are sure to know how to use the additional camera setting your device offers. And most of the times this enables you to capture some great photos from your phone itself but Instagram adds some fun tricks and filters that make your pictures head-turners. The filters on Instagram enhance your photos into something amazing.

A really interesting fact is that the photos that get the most likes on Instagram are the ones with the most vivid colors. So don’t hesitate editing your photos. However, you might want to capture the photo with your own camera app instead of Instagram for this ensures that the original copy of your photo is still there in your phone in case you want to access it later for a whole new creative editing you might end up thinking of while scrolling through them. Instagram is all about photos that get likes. As simple as that, great photos get great likes!

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Starting with Editing – Instagram

Pictures with most vivid colors and an added dynamism and the people who post such images are the ones with the most number of followers. And since not all the Instagrammers present are such expert photographers that they capture natural colors with such dynamics (it’s one tough job for professional photographers too), most of their photos are edited. How many times do you actually manage to capture a purple sky? You need to enhance the colors and edit the picture a little bit more to leave people awestruck.

There are a whole lot of ways and approaches to edit your pictures and here is one of them. Since it’s about bringing out the colors you might want to go work on the contrast of the picture. Contrast tool brings out the depth of the colors in the photo and brightens the elements that were originally in shadow. However, if your photo contains a lot of smooth or plain area you might want to avoid enhancing the contrast as it is going to make the picture look grainy. The blur or depth of the field tools is the next thing you could try. This feature enables you to put all the focus on the subject that is….well…in the focus. The surroundings are thus blurred and you see a white haze on the portion keeping the subject of the photo is utmost attention. After adjust the contrast and depth of field it is time to have fun.

Instagram offers a whole lot of filters; some that brighten and colorize the image and some that create an illuminated centre and darker edged images; some put a vintage veil on your photo, some just pretty you up in your pictures, and others that add a specific tone to your images. A particular filter may suit the need for a particular photo you need to create.

Editing in Instagram is about having fun and doing something that is virtually limitless since you can go on forever editing your photos on Instagram and every time it’s a new outcome!

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Trust Your Photographer: Create Wonderful Photos Together


A smile shows a bride’s confidence with her Denver wedding photographer.

Photos exist to remind us of the beautiful memories in our lives. And to capture great moments, you need to hire the best photographer. When you are looking forward to a very important event in your life, like in weddings, you keep on imagining how the photos will turn out. Disappointment will be the least feeling you will want to experience once you view the final wedding photos. This article will tell you exactly how to choose a photographer that will make your wedding worth remembering.

Begin Your Research

You need to consider your wedding date before looking for a wedding photographer. If the date of your wedding falls on a peak season, then you should book your photographer at least 6 to 12 months ahead. Begin your research by asking around, like your friends and family, for referrals. Talented photographers are easily remembered by their clients (and their guests) so you will be surprised to hear names as soon as you pop your question.

You can also get the advice of your wedding coordinator for potential photographers. The Web can provide you with plenty of wedding vendor information to help you make a comparison. As you do your research, jot down all the potential photographers. Remember to check their works and see if their styles match your taste. Narrow down your list and begin interviewing them to evaluate their professionalism.

Do not be afraid to ask your potential photographers. Determine how long they have been in the industry and who were their past clients. Observe how they react to your questions and see if you feel comfortable working with one of them. It is definitely a plus if the photographer knows his craft very well and can suggest places for great shots – of course, according to you and your fiancé’s personality.

Getting Comfortable in Front of the Camera

Once you have chosen your photographer, it is time to get comfortable with him or her. You can consider a engagement shoot to get to know and prepare yourself and the photographer for your big day. Your photographer should scout areas with good lighting, so consult with them to choose the perfect room for photographs. Supportive lighting is sometimes needed in photography so that your photos turn out clean and lively. Do not hesitate to discuss how you want your photos to look. You will thank yourself for having this discussion later on.

Enjoy the Moment with Confidence

All clients want the best out of their money. If you are confident with your Denver wedding photographer, then you know you have chosen the right person for your special day.


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Instagram – Quick Tips

If you want to be the envy of all your Instagram followers there are a few tips that could just do the same for you.

Underwater pictures are amazingly popular on Instagram. Though water is like the worst enemy of your phone, but with a waterproof case you might want to send your phone to the watery grave to get some incredible underwater shots. Underexposure can ruin a potentially great picture. Brighten them up with a single tap using lux button and transform your picture into a lovely detailed shot. Use the auto focus/ auto exposure feature while you can. Tap your phone’s screen for best focus and exposure. Capturing low light images can be tricky. But Instagram is all about edited pictures.

Apps like Night Cam, Slow Shutter Cam and Adobe Photoshop Express can help you get rid of the low light image noise that might ruin the photo. Light Bokeh is an effect that adds blur to the photos. Some photos, particularly festive scenes can create amazing imagery using the effect. However this trick is usually reserved for DSLRs but an Olloclip quick-connect lens for iPhone starts at €60 only creating an opportunity to make fancy photos from your phone ready to be uploaded on Instagram. Combine multiple photos together. This is a popular trend on Instagram.

Mirroring a single image to create a mind bending or gravity defying photo or placing a close-up detailed image nest to a wide angle shot of the same object can create some intriguing imagery sure to get quite some thumbs-up. Straightened horizons for…well….straight horizontal pictures can dramatically transform the composition of your images. Lastly, realize the importance of hashtags. To build up those elusive likes you must get you pictures noticed. Use specific hashtags to connect with other like-minded Instagrammers. Go for relevant tags to attract new followers and observe other hashtags and you might discover a popular tag you hadn’t thought of on your own.

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Instagram – It’s all about the likes!

Instagram, the popular photo and now video sharing app is one of the most favorite apps among all. Making it oh-so-easy to share pictures and videos with friends and followers on most social networks, Instagram gives the inner photographer in everyone to come out and get the deserved attention. Helping so many enthusiasts become amateur photographers by a simple process of following others and them following you back, Instagram is all about making your pictures popular and that comes with likes!

Hashtags! Using hashtags is a good way to get likes on Instagram for your photos. Based on the subject matter, the style of photography or processing, the Instagram filters, location or the apps used, these hashtags link the photos with similar point of interest making it easier to explore photographers and their work. Innumerable Instagram activities on mobile social networks provide options for you to participate. Participate in the community activities, submit your pictures and make yourself noticed. Like all other communities or social networks, Instagram is also about ‘give and take’.

Interact with others, like their pictures, leave thoughtful comments to grab their attention. People interacting back will help you expand your network. Be creative with the editing. Yes, Instagram provides with a lot of filters but you need not stop there. There are unlimited editing app options with Android and iOS. Adobe Photoshop express, Snapseed, PicCollage or Fuzel! Use one or all and establish your own distinctive niche.

Lastly, though it is difficult to get featured by Instagram, and it is not yet known that what are the criteria for Instagram’s chosen users or suggested users’ list, still if you do get selected, give your greatest possible exposure while you’re on for a week there.  The list varies immensely and you might get lucky to feature on it for your interesting perspective or unique style.


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Instagram Photography – Making it better

Billing itself as a big fun way to share images with friends, Instagram was the application of the year holding a record of 1.5 million downloads in one day. Instagram, an addictive mobile app that has a whole nation of iPhone and Android users hooked, allows users to instantly take and/or upload photos and quickly edit them using an exclusive set of filters and branded tilt-shift feature that sets them apart from the rest. Keeping in mind some tips and tricks can make your Instagram photography all the way more fun and interesting.

Firstly, taking pictures with your regular camera ensures you get that perfect shot. For instance, taking pictures with your iPhone allows you to use the HDR function that beautifully captures still objects and landscapes in sunny or high-contrasting lighting conditions. This also allows you to save the original image just in case you need to access them later. However, since iPhone camera does not shoot in the 1:1 ratio used by Instagram the framing has to be kept in mind because you will need to crop the image later. Then, get an awesome editing app. Editing with all those filters gives another dimension to the picture! Next use just the required amount of hashtags. Great community builders and Instagram discovery tools, these hashtags, link photos that share common interests or a shared phenomenon thus helping people find you and your photos. Find other Instagramers who have similar interests as you and who make great images. Following people with shared interest creates a possibility of them following you back. And that’s the whole idea of Instagram, isn’t it? But the best thing about finding and following interesting people is having a constant stream of interesting photos in your feed.

Instagram is a social network all about photographs and now videos and is most likely the reason for the person standing next in line to you at Starbuck’s is taking a picture of the pastry case for no apparent reason! And following the above tips might help you get more likes on your pastry case picture as well!

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